XD Creative Challenge

"9 UI/UX design challenges in 9 days"

Goal: Sharpen UI/UX design skills in 9 challenges

Date: January 22 - February 1, 2019

Duration: 9 days

Skills: UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping, Interaction Design, Microinteractions

Tools: Adobe XD

Role: UI/UX & Interaction Designer

Why Participate?

I am eager to hone my visual and interaction design skills. So when I saw this opportunity to participate in a challenge that would not only help me to learn Adobe XD new functionalities but also helps to turn my creativity gear for 9 days straight, I jump right in and register for this challenge.

Day 1

Design and prototype a “pull to refresh” experience for a photo sharing app.

Pull to Refresh

Day 2

Design and prototype a “drag to rearrange” web experience for a photo or image grid.

Drag to Rearrange

Day 3

Design and prototype the user experience for dimming a smart bulb on a smart home mobile app. How can the user access and control the bulb?

My design also got highlighted by Adobe XD in this video at minute 5:43.

Smart Home Mobile App

Day 4

Design and prototype a coloring mobile app.

Coloring Mobile App

Day 5 & 6

Design and prototype a smart watch app for sending cash.

Coloring Mobile App

Day 7

Design and prototype a mobile notification experience for a lock screen.

Mobile Notification

Day 8

Design and prototype a chart experience for a finance app. Think about how the user could access the charts, such as tapping to expand.

Mobile Notification

Day 9

Design and prototype a “swipe to edit” experience for an email client.



Over the past 9 days, I've learned a lot on how to create amazing interactions on mobile apps and website's mockups using Adobe XD. Besides honing my visual and interaction design skills, this challenge also reassures me about the advantage of mapping your user flow ahead before jumping right into the prototyping stage. The correct order of design process would definitely help to make the prototyping stage go on more smoothly and faster because you'll know what to focus on at the current screen you're working on with undivided attention.