About Me

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Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Nadya Audrey.

I'm a recent graduate from UC San Diego majoring in Human-Computer Interaction. I'm a UX Designer with a Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction background. I focus on designing holistically, detailed, and user-oriented. To me, designing is all about engaging with other people through my work.

My goal is not only to produce a product with clean and elegant designs but also to focus down to the micro-interactions to deliver the best experience for the users. For me, the most important step in designing a product is analyzing and finding out what does the user 'actually' need through research. My design decisions are usually data-driven because I believe that data could expose problems and allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of solutions. Without keen observations and thorough analysis, we won't be able to deliver a great product.

I've previously worked at Mother Erth and Eventerprise as a UX Design intern; and at Putra Peduli as a Contract UX Designer.

Some fun facts about me